I don’t like the word groupie…


noun \ˈgrü-pē\

Definition of GROUPIE

1: a fan of a rock group who usually follows the group around on concert tours.

Lame-ass definition. Thanks a lot Merriam Webster.

I read Pamela Des Barres book, “I’m with the band, confessions of a groupie” in 1987. Still have my dog-eared and much yellowed copy. I was [...]

Fear and Failure.


Early this spring I went to a monster estate sale of a a very fashionable woman who kept every garment she ever wore and then some. Gorgeous silk printed jumpsuits, leather bell bottoms, mod mini dresses, acres of garments! I came away with a lighter wallet and a huge buzz. Perhaps it was the [...]

My Closet.

Some of my new/old favorites. Not for sale, don’t ask. I have collected and worn vintage clothing and accessories since 1983, Here are some new pieces and some old favorites from my closet.

Classic Betsey Johnson Hobble dress with peplum and lace up corset front.

I got this recently on eBay, it was a little [...]

The Dilemma of the Vintage Homemade Dress

An amazing home-made couture mesh dress.

What is it about the vintage home-sewn dress that turns people off?

Growing up in the 70′s in a cash strapped New York City, home-sewn clothes and hand-me-downs were the staple. More than 50 percent of my childhood wardrobe was home-sewn and not always well. My grandmother took [...]

Cute little Micro-mini from the 1960s

Why can't I buy these new? My husband loves this dress.


Found this amazing little number at an estate sale.  It’s quite small and would look great with a pair of black knee-highs!

From the 1960s.  No label but awesome!

I love the color blocking and the seaming, it makes me think of [...]