Fear and Failure.


Early this spring I went to a monster estate sale of a a very fashionable woman who kept every garment she ever wore and then some. Gorgeous silk printed jumpsuits, leather bell bottoms, mod mini dresses, acres of garments! I came away with a lighter wallet and a huge buzz. Perhaps it was the [...]

The Dilemma of the Vintage Homemade Dress

An amazing home-made couture mesh dress.

What is it about the vintage home-sewn dress that turns people off?

Growing up in the 70′s in a cash strapped New York City, home-sewn clothes and hand-me-downs were the staple. More than 50 percent of my childhood wardrobe was home-sewn and not always well. My grandmother took [...]

Restoring a 1920s Beaded Velvet Jacket

Leaf patterns from the bottom edge.

I found this jaw dropping 1920′s beaded velvet jacket in a vintage store in Brooklyn, and honey she was a mess. A hot mess. Still, I could not pass up the opportunity to give her a little love. Whenever I find things from the 1920′s it’s always in totally random places; The Salvation army, [...]