OMG Shoes!

Shoes. 1920′s art deco lovlies, I could stare at these pretty ladies all day. Dainty things, made for  bold young ladies.

In the years post World War 1, a brash new attitude emerged among the young women and changed the shape of fashion forever. The silhouette of the shoe became more streamlined and more in focus because the hemlines were raised and now would be visible and displayed proudly.

The shape of the heel termed a  “Louis” heel – also called a tango, curved French or Spanish heel.  In the twenties, shoes were all about the strap, T straps, tiny buckles and  buttons.  Leather or canvas applique with the finest detail. Satin shoes embellished with rhinestones, ribbon and Florettes.

Meant for dancing dancing dancing! Here are a sample of a few! XO









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