Massive 1920′s men’s accessory shop update!

Luck has been with me lately in finding the most outrageously divine men’s accessories from the 1920′s. From socks to spats! From ties to gloves! Most of which are in unbelievable unused condition with the original tags still intact! All are available for sale in my Etsy shop.

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2 comments to Massive 1920′s men’s accessory shop update!

  • Thanks Hannah! Finding all of these men’s accessories was really a windfall! I wish my camera could capture the iridescence of the jacquard, it’s quite stunning! That blue tie in particular looks so modern I had a hard time accepting it was 1920′s. xoxo!

  • Carla, This collection is absolutely stunning! What amazing finds. The ties are exquisite with the abstract brush stroked watercolor painted one in particular just captivating! The labels alone are little pieces of art – I’d love these ties just framed in a shadow box as they are so fantastic! Love the gloves, socks & spats too. Super congrats! xx Hannah

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