Photo shoot continued…

I couldn’t resist posting some more photographs of my most recent photo shoot. Some of these items have sold already, but I am always on the lookout for fabulous-ness! Completely by accident, the strength of this photo shoot was the black and white garments. These are some of the stand out pieces, and in my mind are the most perfect of neutrals and unbelievably elegant!

Victorian voile tea gown.

This stunner was found in a dusty back room of a Long Island antique shop. Such a beautiful(and strong) example of the delicacy and intricacy of Victorian embroidery and lacework.  I rescued her.

Givenchy Velvet evening gown.

This belongs on a red carpet somewhere. Recognize the Hattie Carnegie neck piece from a few posts ago? These two pieces are made for each other. With out a doubt!


1940s satin quilted dressing gown

Holy moly! Veronica Lake calling!


Disco shirts, palazzo pants and beaded jackets oh my!



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