My Closet.

Some of my new/old favorites. Not for sale, don’t ask. I have collected and worn vintage clothing and accessories since 1983, Here are some new pieces and some old favorites from my closet.

Classic Betsey Johnson Hobble dress with peplum and lace up corset front.

I got this recently on eBay, it was a little pricey but well worth it. This dress reminds me of the first Betsey piece I ever owned. My mother took me to Bloomingdale’s in 1982 for Christmas. She wanted to buy me a Betsey Johnson and she let me pick out anything I wanted.¬†Betsey was THE ‘it’ girl and was enjoying great success. I chose a vest/skort combination in the same pattern but in turquoise flannel. I knew at the time we couldn’t afford it and it broke my heart to say yes, but she insisted and I wanted it!

I have no idea where the money came from, and she would never tell me.

I adore mixing patterns and both of these pieces were thrifted, I think I paid 4 bucks for the skirt but the Guy Laroche silk blouse was a bit more…


Ah Josie Cotton! 

I loved her look and her 1960′s girl group sound with an edge. I have been on the hunt for this very skirt since I saw her in the 80′s teen flick, ‘Valley Girl’ I found it at Reminiscence on 23rd street of all places. Oilcloth snap mini with race car scene. This skirt is magical.

My newest lovely, a psychedelic maxi from Olive’s Very Vintage in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Kinda Peter Max-y. I can’t wait for Summer on the porch on the Delaware, all I need is a halter…still on the lookout…

My late aunt’s fringe jacket from the 1960′s. I think she backpacked across the entire state of California in it. I love the patina, and all the filth that comes with it. The glue in my Alice Cooper all access pass gave up and disintegrated, you can still see the residue. The fringe is like fettuccine and heavy! All lovingly handmade.


A mix and match of Accessories.

My late mother’s Hattie Carnegie necklace, which I adore but almost never wear.

Some very cool 1920′s dangle earrings, I am unsure of what the stones are… maybe Malachite?

A chunky turquoise and silver ring I paid too much for but love anyway.

Some very chic oversized 1970′s French sunglasses I found in a really cool antique shoppe in upstate N.Y. for 10 bucks.

Buffalo Horn choker, again I paid way too much for it.

One of my fave turquoise pieces, a Zuni cross my mother gave me for High School graduation. Inlaid mother of pearl, onyx, and coral. Very delicate.


AH! My electric blue raffia 1940′s peep toe platforms, need I say more!

I still need to work on getting a pair of red shoes into my wardrobe, preferably vintage!







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