Restoring a 1920s Beaded Velvet Jacket

Leaf patterns from the bottom edge.

I found this jaw dropping 1920′s beaded velvet jacket in a vintage store in Brooklyn, and honey she was a mess. A hot mess. Still, I could not pass up the opportunity to give her a little love. Whenever I find things from the 1920′s it’s always in totally random places; The Salvation army, [...]

Cute little Micro-mini from the 1960s

Why can't I buy these new? My husband loves this dress.


Found this amazing little number at an estate sale.  It’s quite small and would look great with a pair of black knee-highs!

From the 1960s.  No label but awesome!

I love the color blocking and the seaming, it makes me think of [...]

Hello world!

Well with the expert help of my dear friend, Chris, I have my blog finally up!  Stay tuned as I figure how to operate WordPress and get things moving!