OMG Shoes!

Shoes. 1920′s art deco lovlies, I could stare at these pretty ladies all day. Dainty things, made for  bold young ladies.

In the years post World War 1, a brash new attitude emerged among the young women and changed the shape of fashion forever. The silhouette of the shoe became more streamlined and more in focus because the hemlines were raised and now would be visible and displayed proudly.

The shape of the heel termed a  “Louis” heel – also called a tango, curved French or Spanish heel.  In the twenties, shoes were all about the strap, T straps, tiny buckles and  buttons.  Leather or canvas applique with the finest detail. Satin shoes embellished with rhinestones, ribbon and Florettes.

Meant for dancing dancing dancing! Here are a sample of a few! XO









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Summer shop update!

DressBlueGraySalsa02 WhiteHippieShirt01 ShawlMiniWhite07 ShawlMiniWhite01 DressWhiteSpanish02 DressWhiteSpanish03  Happy Summer!!

We are in the thick of a super hot week in N.Y.C!

Here are some great stylish and HOT pieces to get you thru the summer and transition you right into fall!

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DressRedBlueGypsy07 DressRedBlueGypsy05 BathingsuitMagenta02 BathingsuitMagenta03

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Carla&Carla Newsletter!!

Happy Summer all! Did you know that I have a special newsletter just for the shop?! Well I do!!

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As a bonus for signing up (or even just reading this ) until August 1st, Use the coupon code

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BathingsuitMagenta03 BathingsuitMagenta02



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Shop update!

Summer is here!

Time for easy pieces for festivals, warm evening gatherings, and just plain hanging out!HatFloopy07 HatFloopy05 HippyPant05 HippyPant06 HippyPant11 HippyPant16 JeansVest01 JeansVest06 JeansVest14 Vest12 ShirtWhiteEmbroider06 ShirtWhiteEmbroider08

All of these great pieces are available in the shop now!

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The Jean Genie

JeansVestJudy02 I visited San Fransisco for the first time last fall, and boy did I fall in love! I found these twin 1970s embroidered and embellished jeans in the Mission and stuffed them into my already packed suitcase. Both pairs are made by the same company, “Petit Fours California” and both pairs have that certain California laid back style I can never quite pull off.

Both are super high waisted, dark wash denim and a wide straight leg that just begs for a sky high heel and a barely there top! Butterflies and rainbows your thing? I have that! Graphic and romantic? Done!

And I think for the first time I’ve gotten a little closer to understanding that west coast cool vibe!


Both available in the shop now!

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I couldn’t resist…

DressBetseyFringe11 DressBetseyFringe15 SkirtBlackFrillsAndPink07 SkirtBlackFrillsAndPink08 ShirtGreyBoots04 ShirtGreyBoots01I could not resist posting some of my favorite images from my recent photo shoot. The last entry about groupie girls from the 60′s and 70′s has really inspired me for Spring!

I was really pleased with the makeup by Susan Simmons of Brown Paper Doll Beauty. I wanted to keep the model young and fresh but still funky. Susan came up with the most beautiful “Tequila Sunrise’ Eye, lots and lots of lashes both upper and lower, and a nude-y coral-y lip that I live for!

We are also experiencing a bit of storm here on the east coast, so most of us here are forced inside catching up on television, or other indoor activities.

I am engaged in my favorite activity of shamelessly pimping myself!


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I don’t like the word groupie…


noun \ˈgrü-pē\

Definition of GROUPIE

1: a fan of a rock group who usually follows the group around on concert tours.

Lame-ass definition. Thanks a lot Merriam Webster.

I read Pamela Des Barres book, “I’m with the band, confessions of a groupie” in 1987. Still have my dog-eared and much yellowed copy. I was instantly smitten with her! Shamelessly in love with pop stars! broken hearts! Backstage gallivanting! Such romance!images

I absorbed her sense of style thru the pages, she spoke of fashion quite often. It was quite refreshing to me to get a new perspective on “what the kids” wore in the 60′s, layering 1920′s and 30′s chiffon pieces with heavier textures like furs and leathers. And glitter. Always glitter.


Miss Pamela and Miss Cynderella


Pam style quote:

“A hippie was sort of the unwashed, unkempt kid. A freak was someone who put a lot of care and intention into their appearance, wanting to stand out instead of blend in. I was a combination flower child-freak, because the former was all about love and sharing and adoring each other and having flowers in your hair, literally, and lace and feathers and all that. I never considered myself a hippie. She’d be wearing one of those Indian madras-type skirts with her hair split down the middle, no makeup, sandals, braless – of course, we were all braless. I would have on an old vintage lace tablecloth with ribbons woven through it, feathers in my hair, loads of makeup, sequins stuck all over my face, and spike heels.”

My aunt was a hippie. She was a nice girl from upstate New York who bought tickets to Woodstock! After the first day when she saw the state of the bathrooms, she turned tail and went home. Eventually becoming a braless patchouli wearing card carrying hippie. She gave me the most amazing suede fringe jacket that she wore on a pilgrimage across California, culminating at the Fillmore east to see the Grateful Dead in the late 60′s.

Post reading Pam’s book in the 80′s cued a full fledged Led Zepplin obsession, including her former beau and not-so-nice-guy Jimmy Page. I watched Kenneth Anger films in the USC film library. Even a little Alistair Crowley creeped in to my reading list. Occasional visitor at Magickal Childe.

Oh yes, I dabbled.


Lori Maddox and Sable Starr




Short lived rag about groupies, featuring groupies as models!

In googling or doing any sort of internet research about the groupie phenomenon on the 60′s and 70′s you inevitably encounter the “Baby Groupie”. In the early 70′s new crop of underage jail bait was unleashed in Hollywood. With 14 and 15 year old Lori Maddox and Sable Starr leading the pack. Sexual conquests included David Bowie, Iggy Pop, The New York Dolls, Jimmy Page to name a few.

These new girls paraded uninhibited “in your face sexuality” that seemed more feral in comparison with the “airy fairy” attitude of the GTO’s. What fascinated me most about these baby groupies was the unapologetic raw sexuality they exuded in photographs and in public, they looked far from innocent and much much older than they were. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these babies carried a knife in her platform boot!

In terms of style these girls were slick, hard and without shame, Just like the 70′s!







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Studio 54

Shop update!
Welcome new shop model Judy! Isn’t she a stunner?

Black velvet maxi kaftan. Gold soutache braid detail.

With this round of photos I drew inspiration from Supermodels and style icons from the 1970′s disco era; Gia, Jerry Hall, Janice Dickenson and Bianca Jagger. These fabulous ladies frequented the infamous studio 54 and did their fair share of partying, VIP style. These lovely creatures epitomized the high glamour and disregard for the rules so commonly associated with the mid-seventies.
The look for this shoot was not wholesome in the least and was a lot of fun to style. Music for the day was provided by the ‘Chic’ Pandora channel. Accessories and shoes are both from my personal collection and Aldo.

Gia Carangi

A weensy bit of Studio 54 history:
“Studio 54 was operated by the flamboyant, openly gay, publicly visible Steve Rubell and retiring, straight silent partner Ian Schrager. Hedonistic Rubell was known for hand selecting guests from the always huge mobs outside, mixing beautiful “nobodies” with glamorous celebrities in the same venue. “Studio”, as it came to be called, was notorious for the hedonism that went on within; the balconies were notorious for sexual encounters, and drug use was rampant. Its dance floor was decorated with a depiction of a Man in the Moon that included an animated coke spoon.

In 1979, Rubell and Schrager were arrested and charged for skimming $2.5 million, and the club was closed with one final party, called “The End of Modern-day Gomorrah”, on February 4, 1980. After its closing, several amounts of cocaine and money were found in the club’s walls.” from the nightlife wiki web page.
In the late 80′s I worked in the NYC mega club Palladium and got a chance to meet Mr. Rubell once before his death. He was a sweet man, and although it was a brief introduction, I knew I was meeting a legend. Many of the managers at Palladium also worked at Studio and brought in many of the great promoters as well as “tales of woe” from it’s heyday! Although the formula was repeated, the atmosphere and glory of Studio was never recaptured in the new clubs. It became a sad shell of it’s former self.

My lovely makeup artist Mimi Kamara focused on contouring the face and creating a dewy look to the skin as if the model has been dancing all night. I am absolutely in love with the bronze eye and the pink lip! The bright fuchsia contrasts the smoky bronze eye making it very modern. The bronze emphasizes the gorgeous almond shape of the models eyes.

The pieces range from the 1940′s to the 80′s and are not exclusively 1970s!Available now in my Etsy shop



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Massive 1920′s men’s accessory shop update!

Luck has been with me lately in finding the most outrageously divine men’s accessories from the 1920′s. From socks to spats! From ties to gloves! Most of which are in unbelievable unused condition with the original tags still intact! All are available for sale in my Etsy shop.

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Photo shoot continued…

I couldn’t resist posting some more photographs of my most recent photo shoot. Some of these items have sold already, but I am always on the lookout for fabulous-ness! Completely by accident, the strength of this photo shoot was the black and white garments. These are some of the stand out pieces, and in my mind are the most perfect of neutrals and unbelievably elegant!

Victorian voile tea gown.

This stunner was found in a dusty back room of a Long Island antique shop. Such a beautiful(and strong) example of the delicacy and intricacy of Victorian embroidery and lacework.  I rescued her.

Givenchy Velvet evening gown.

This belongs on a red carpet somewhere. Recognize the Hattie Carnegie neck piece from a few posts ago? These two pieces are made for each other. With out a doubt!


1940s satin quilted dressing gown

Holy moly! Veronica Lake calling!


Disco shirts, palazzo pants and beaded jackets oh my!



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